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20 Feb

At the moment I am having difficulties sharing all that I have to share. Even with a notebook filled with several years of pre written articles and binders of archived resources I find that when I get an idea for something, especially if it’s a big one, and most especially if it has to do with writing it all down, I,  hesitate. Where do I begin, what do I start with, how do I properly explain the vivid imagery and feelings? Then validating these resistances to myself with statements such as… “This is the start so it has to be grand, right?…

Not exactly…

The most important thing in starting something is the “ING”, the verb in ACTION! An act must happen in order to “ing” so the only way I can begin this blog is to of course start bloggING.

So here it is, the start, the “ING” of many more shared action verbages to follow. I share now what I do best when the swirling whirling ideas, thoughts, and emotions are just too overwhelming to organize in a journalistic fashion…

A poem, to sum up what is to be expected in the upcoming Gaia Eco Solutions blog.

“Start. One @ a Time. Gradual changes to last a lifetime.

Practice becomes. Progress. Everyday!

Gratitude. Happiness in Simplicity, FREEDOM.

Source=Solutions from the Heart. Love leads the Mind.

Care 4U care 4her, Our Mother. Sufficient, unsuppressed.

Open, RE*volutionary. Be Here. Listen. Acknowledge. Move ON!

HandCRAFTED Living.  Unconditional Learning. Flow, Grow, THRIVE!

Authenticity of being. Empower one, Inspire the ALL. By Example.

Not linear. Spiral, cyclical, no begin no end. Just, START. One @ a Time.”




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