How to Homemade: Compost area in less than 10 minutes

2 Mar

This is a very basic quick and simple guide on how I made a compost area in my garden using pallets, some left over wire, and rebar from a construction site.

What you will need:

3 pallets with the option for one smaller one to use as barricade from critters.

6 pieces of ┬árebar or sticks about 1″ wide spiked on one end at least 4′ in length for each.

Enough rope, twine, vine or wire to secure the pallets to each other.

A single jack/ large hammer or rock

What to do:

1. Plan out the area where you want the compost to go by pre-assembling walls (pallets) to gauge where rebar will need to be hammered into the ground.








2. Hammer into the ground the rebar/ sticks for sliding the pallets down.









3. Secure all corners of the pallets together using whatever materials you have for tying them together.







5 thoughts on “How to Homemade: Compost area in less than 10 minutes

  1. I have a compost bin we’ve been using for 2 years now works great! We use sedrhded junkmail for our chicken bedding (which goes into our compost), also a bit of sedrhded junk mail can be used as browns too. (make sure to tear out any plastic windows from envelopes 1st).I don’t use a dedicated bin for kitchen scraps. I just use a bowl or tupperware on the counter & fill-up with veggie peels, ends, etc. and bring out to the compost bin after each meal as part of my kitchen clean-up. I don’t live where it gets cold though, and our compost bin is pretty close to the house as well.Heart and Haven recently posted..

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