Simple Solutions: Managing Hygiene Product Hoarding

25 Mar

As a mother of small children I find myself frequently unable to settle back into sleep after a usual early morning shuffle of bathroom trips, diaper changes, and night feedings. Though to my benefit, what is developed in these moments of imposed insomnia are some of my most profound household revelations; twilight contemplations where by the morning will lead to some substantial domestic transformation. From a late night bathroom cleaning, closet re*organization, or a home aesthetic overhaul; it’s guaranteed that by the morning something in our life will be found changed.

On this particular early morning, after several attempts in getting back to my dreams I jolt myself out of bed, wash what sleep yet lingers upon my eyes, brush my teeth staring into the mirror before me musing over what mental perspectives will lead to a transition by sunrise. My inspiration forming at the return of the tube of cinnamon and tea tree toothpaste into it’s designated resting place upon the shelf of carefully categorized hygiene products hoarded in the bathroom closet; my inner dialogue declaring… “What is all this $#!%?” and “How did I end up with all this $#!%, do I really NEED all of it, I don’t recall using most of this $#!%?” Scanning over the haul I summarize that, ritually, I probably only use about half the items coveted in this closet.

My analysis working towards forethoughts on the amount of waste that these bottles, tubes, and tubs will generate after the majority is used up or not used up before I decide I want to replace it with some other cleverly packaged product that in the “consumer” moment entertained my shoppers curiosity.

With those analysis now evolving into observations as to what “buys” me into these impartial and impulsive pleasures…

1. Subscriptions into programs that require frequent purchases in order to maintain membership status.

2. “New” and “Eco” friendly labels.

3. The “I love it so much, I gotta have more of it” mentality.

So even though the greater part of our hygiene collection is of the earth conscious variety the idea of all this consumption and waste just doesn’t sit right with my simplistic ideology. In addressing the probable cause to the product pile up I begin to look for solutions and practical approaches that will help me manifest the simple space(s) we so desire in our home. 

1. If the programs we’re subscribed to require purchases more than twice a year, Pass it Up.

2. Get that exciting feeling of “NEW” and gratifying sense from choosing “ECO” friendly by making our own personal care products.

3. With solution #2 naturally leading to the solution of dilemma #3 (“I love it so much, I gotta have more of it”)… We can always make it again and again and again “WHEN” it’s actually needed.

After addressing the problems and then solutions to Hygiene Product Hoarding there is still the issue of managing the hoard at hand

1. Separate the items that are used in repetition or for medicinal purposes.

2. Find a new home for those not so favorite and infrequently used items. See to someone else who could use them or is in more need of them; perhaps a thirfting college student. Also see to what hygiene products can be repurposed as laundry detergent or grooming products for pets. And gift a group of items in a basket or donate any unopened products to shelters or homes.

3. Clear out any dated/ really old and suspicious items. These should not go into or on the body and are probably no longer safe in the home.


2 thoughts on “Simple Solutions: Managing Hygiene Product Hoarding

  1. Great post! I find myself saying that a lot too “What IS all this ****?!” I’ve REALLY cut down on makeup and cosmetics…I now only use eyeliner and eyeshadow for makeup…occasionally lip gloss. Hair, I only use shampoo and coconut oil. Deodorant is either the mineral crystal, or baking soda. We use toothpaste and a mouthwash. Soap. And one basic facial cleanser. I have powdered clay for the occasional deep cleanse. We use fresh aloe for sunburns. Essential oils are a favorite.

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