Earth Month and Day: What’s your Eco Resolution?

1 Apr

“Earth Day is the first completely international and universal holiday that the world has ever known. Every other holiday was tied to one place, or some political or special event. This day is tied to Earth itself, and to the place of the Earth in the whole solar system.”~ANTHROPOLOGIST Margaret Mead

Over the course of almost 4 years I’ve been cultivating information and experiences to better supply my site with content geared towards simplified and sustainable living. Through my research and experiences I’ve found that the best way for me to share the messages of conservation, preservation, and simplicity was to as much as possible live and be the example of being “GREEN”.

I want to take this time to thank you, the GREEN reader, for doing your own research on this exceptionally rewarding lifestyle. Don’t feel that you need jump to this thing all at once. In most cases going completely green all too suddenly can be daunting and stressful. Have fun in the process and start with one conscious change at a time. Once you and/or your family have gotten comfortable in a specific area of green living then initiate yourself into another aspect of living more consciously.  Make changes that take the least effort, go with the flow, and let the process become the progress. Then without realizing you’ll find the habit becoming the lifestyle. It really is that simple!

In celebration of your eco efforts and of Earth Month (April 1st-30th) we are encouraging ourselves and our fans to engage in at least one Eco Resolution; challenging ourselves to live a little more consciously and as another bit of encouragement Gaia Eco Solutions will be gifting one of our popular Eco Covers to a fan who will comment here with one or more of their Eco Resolutions. The winner will be chosen at Random at the end of Earth Day April 22nd.

You could win the colorful 4 peice NUTURE NATURE ECO COVER picture below…









Stay tuned for future posts on Gaia Eco Solutions where I’ll continue to share my personal experiences in striving to live more sustainable, How To’s/ DIY topics, natural living, healthful meal planing, simple solutions, practical finds and much more. As well as directing you to other people and places that will support and inspire you on your way to the freedoms of living in simplicity. It takes many communities to change the world but really all the profound change start with you… THANK YOU in advance and have a Happy Earth Day!

… Oh and I almost forgot to share my own Eco Resolution… To live with a little less plastic. Not only applying in the physical sense of choosing to use less toxic petrol based items but to also live more authentically… choosing and living with, a little less “Plastic”!


9 thoughts on “Earth Month and Day: What’s your Eco Resolution?

  1. Hey Amanda I enjoy reading your blog! Going green can be daunting but taking it one change at a time is the key to it’s success and of course a bit of preparation helps! I decided to focus on one herb at a time to start my garden as oppose to completing an entire garden at one swoop. If I did the latter, I will never start because of our busy schedules. So one potted herb at a time is what I commit to.

  2. I agree with Jenny, love how you focus on one simple thing at a time.

    My eco resolution is to use more of what we have in the garden for cooking. So instead of buying so many greens, I will try to use our sweet potato tips, kang kong, etc. as much as I can.

  3. You are such an inspiration. I need to find your instructions for the pallet compost bin. We will be building one at our Guma’ Mami homes. Also, our Creative Spirits group will be working on repurposing a variety of items.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bernie we’d love to stop by your organization and offer up our personal assistance with making those compost areas. Thank you for interest in us and our community, you’re an inspiration to all!

  5. Jenny thank you so much for sharing your Eco Resolution with us, you are our winner for the Earth day contest. We’ll be contacting you for your prize. Congratulations and keep up the love!

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  7. I believe that avoiding refined foods will be the first step so that you can lose weight. They may taste very good, but processed foods possess very little nutritional value, making you eat more simply to have enough vigor to get with the day. For anyone who is constantly consuming these foods, transitioning to cereals and other complex carbohydrates will aid you to have more energy while having less. Great blog post.

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