Celebrate: The Qualities of a thoughtful Easter and Ostara

7 Apr

We may not be a denominational family but we sure like to honor and celebrate that which is good and wholesome in our lives. AND we LOVE to observe that which enriches the spirit as well as the natural world. In this way we harmonize the traditional spiritual holidays with the rituals of the old world… Easter in our household is both a time for us to recognize the divine potential of humanity as exemplified by Yeshua, the man also known as Jesus, and the knowledge and observation of Spring as celebrated in the holiday of Ostara.

Creating a Simplified Easter/Ostara:

We skip the over commercialized Easter baskets filled with junky consumables and opt to reuse baskets in our home decorated with the flowers and foliage of spring and as we adorn our baskets with the biodegradable and symbolic decor we dialogue as a family over the significance of Spring, the the principles of spirit, and goodwill. AND of course we talk about what wonderful surprises that maybe placed in these baskets on Easter morning!







What goes into our conscious Easter Basket:

We usually like to put items that signify Spring and with playing outdoors. Handmade inspirations, wholesome treats, and maybe a few thoughtfully purchased items. Every year we include a variety of planting supplies such as seeds, starter pots, soil, garden gloves, and small shovels. With a mix of fun stuff like books and bubbles and of course a special homemade treat to sweeten the celebration.




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