Be the Change, Live the Solution, & Always Give Thanks.

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day Everyone!!!

The following post will be showcasing some inspiring conscious and grateful finds from the web. With Spring in our midst and Mother’s day fast approaching today I am going to recognize, honor, and give thanks to the mother that springs forth bounty for all it’s earthly inhabitants; with a Thank You list…┬áinspired from another honored Earthly mama blog and from one of my favorite sites MY EVERY DAY MAGIC.COM; to which I occasionally contribute to.

This is a video to inspire your “Path to Freedom”. Watch how the infamous Dervaes family runs a successful homestead in the middle of urban California.

Here’s another Earth honoring video just for love and fluff.

And last but surely not least the following is my Thank You list to our Mother Earth…

Thank you Gaia for the quite morning today where I got to just sit on the porch with my homemade pregnancy tea, read my Earthy articles, and nibble on a freshly baked hearty breakfast cookie.

Thank you Gaia for the Turquoise colored waters that kiss the shores of my beautiful island home and the warm and pearly sand that borders it so that I can give myself an all natural exfoliation.

Thank you Gaia for the waters that cool me off on a hot and humid day.

Thank you Gaia for working with me despite my occasional black thumb. If you keep teaching I promise I’ll keep learning.

Thank you Gaia for all your colors reminding me just how beautiful a life of diversity is.

Thank you Gaia for inspiring me to be trusting and patient with my children’s learning curves as you continue to be trusting and patient with your own children’s learning curves.

And of course the biggest thanks for reminding me that there is always love after the storm.

One thought on “Be the Change, Live the Solution, & Always Give Thanks.

  1. Beautiful, Blissful Amanda Fairy! I’m still so giddy at the thought of you being pregnant again! Love you, Dear Sister! (And thanks for the mention) ­čÖé

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