Simple Solutions: No Tie Shoe Lace Alternative

18 Aug

Two weeks into the School year and so far so good as we practice the daily dynamic of getting everyone dressed, fed (animals included), and all our supplies packed for the day.

It usually goes quite smooth granted we decide NOT to hit that snooze button for the third time 😉 But even with an early start it could be one of those days where there’s a missing favorite shoe,  sock,  shirt etc… and yikes if our darling Diva decides just moments before heading out to the car that the shoes she already has on just won’t work! The laces keep coming undone and she refuses to add an extra knot cuz… “It looks goofy mom!” But she must still wear THE shoes.

Looking at the brown bag of Salvation Army donations by the front door I find my “Simple Solution”… a bag of multi-colored hair ties! Now if I can just get the Diva to agree with this homemade remedy as well… and fast!

First I had to cut each hair tie to fit through each lace hole like string.

Next I tied off each end with a knot just taught enough to stay secure around the foot and with just a little slack to stretch out for when slipping a foot in or out of the shoe.

Last I cut off the excess elastic from each knot and added a little heat to each end to prevent  fraying and loosening.



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