Sacred Space: Dream in “Waking Life”

28 Nov

Our second child gets up last night and has a hard time getting back to sleep. She insists we set up some blankets on the floor in the living room and asks us to watch a movie. Rather than fight her for the next 30- 40 mins over the protocols for “bedtime” we decide to use those 30-40 mins to ease her back into sleep with a compromise.

Taking advantage of the rare occasion where she lets us choose the film, we pick a mellow movie that had this cartoon like feel but do to it’s maturity would be enjoyable for us to watch but possibly boring enough for a 2 year olds animated mind to put her back to sleep. Though this particular movie has never been boring or mellow for me… It blows my mind every time I watch it! Thank you darling daughter for insightfully keeping me up last night and bringing me back to “Waking Life”, a film for the lucid year that is 2012.

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