Sacred Space: Working with Mercury Retrograde

28 Feb

Moving in ReverseVehicle problems, electronic issues, communication barriers, plans just moving too slow??? Might be we’re in the Retrograde…

What is this “Retrograde” you say? Actually all the planets go retrograde, but the retrograde of Mercury seems to impact people much more than the other planets do. Even the people who “don’t believe in astrology” will go along with suspecting the effects of Mercury Retrograde when all at once and all of a sudden things like their car not working, emails not being received and sent, petty arguments occur and progress seems to be moving at a snails pace.

A planet in retrograde means that it has dramatically slowed its orbit around the sun; that from earth it would seem to look like it’s orbiting backwards. And because Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, reasoning, transportation and travel, when it goes retrograde, all those aspects seem to be going backwards too.

When surviving the Retrograde look to the first two letters RE in the word “Retrograde”. They are a simple guide in how to make this energy work to our advantage. Mercury retrograde slows down the pace of life giving us a chance to REcapture ourselves and otherwise missed opportunities. During this time we can look forward to the exploration and REjunvination of the individual in relation to our everyday dynamic.

The effects of retrograde usually begin 10 days prior to the event. This “pre” retrograde time period allows us to follow through with retrograde prep…

~ Back Up Data! Clear clutter from all sources of communication such as emails, blogs, planners, phones etc. – Doing this can help stream line & simplify communications during the soon to be wacky state of transmissions during the Mercury Retrograde.

~ Maintain all modes of Transportation. Since Mercury Retrograde happens almost quarterly in a year this is a great opportunity to utilize it’s phases as a regular vehicle maintenance schedule. Check fluids, put air in tires, maybe even do a full detailing and also review to see that all docs and insurances are up to date. And most importantly DON’T RUSH towards anything or anywhere. And if you’re about to take a trip be sure to verify all those docs are in order too. Travel in all aspects is a gift to experience a journey with the self, take this time to smell the roses.

~ Delay, if possible major life altering decisions. Use this time to REevaluate and REenforce those decisions.

~ Avoid controversial/ serious conversation. Mercury Retrograde energy puts static in the lines of communication therefore leaving people a little less “open” to what the other person is really trying to say. Hmm… this is probably due to the fact that Mercury Retrograde energy is designed more for introspective work.

Mercury in Retrograde does have an auspicious energy for certain tasks… Remember that “prefix” of RE in the word REtrograde!? REmember this as an opportune time for us all to REread, REview, REconsider, REwrite, and REdo as well as a time to REnew, REvitalize, and REjuvinate with deep self evaluation that takes REpeated practice and REflection.

~ REflect! Look deeply at the self and not at all of the affairs of others. After the self clarity from the Merc Ret phase we can properly assist those around us. In an article I read about Merc Ret it explains Mercury Retrograde as “A time to REveal to the Self and the Divine, but REvelations from others is at their own discretion, not yours!”

~ REexamine! Cleanse space as well as health and well being. This is the time to be alleviating the burden of our own excesses. In the activity of decluttering and detoxifying we are given the chance to have REvealations and the REturn of forgotten or otherwise misplaced items as well as the REsuming of projects and writings we meant to do at a later date.

~ REsume! Speaking of the “Later Date”… think of this astrological movement as THE “LATER” for all the times we have said “I will get to that later”. Consider Mercury Retrograde as THAT TIME when you get to those “LATER” things.

With all these points to make this energy work in our favor we can make Mercury Retrograde an astrological phenomenon to look forward to.

Mercury Retrograde dates in 2015. Mark them down and Schedule them as your next REtreat to Self…

January 21 through February 11 2015
May 18 through June 11 2015
September 17 through October 9 2015

3 thoughts on “Sacred Space: Working with Mercury Retrograde

  1. I KNEW there was something going on lately, and this explains it to a “T” thank you!! We have been desperately trying to figure out our next path in life but are coming up to many obstacles and the progress is miserably slow. March 17th is a big change date for us too, here’s hoping!

  2. Amanda – this was great!
    Really shed some light on a few things that have been coming up for me!
    Thank you!

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