Simple Solutions: Shopping for NON-GMO

28 May

In these last few months there has been a lot of social networking chatter about the recent global March Against Monsanto event. Here on Guam I was not able to attend a march specific to that cause but did participate in my own way. With having small children most of my  “demonstrations” – a softer word for PROTEST- are acted out in my living example. Now don’t get me wrong, being a double Libra, I revel in a bit of rebellion and revolution but since becoming a mother I have learned how to parley with reasonability.

These days… I take on a solutionist approach to topics of my ideals. Sharing rather than telling my experiences/points of view and then leaving it be at that. And I’m quite comfortable not sharing anything if I feel that what I am about to share is just not something a particular individual is ready to receive.

For any protest PRO or CON I prefer a direct affect approach. I search out how I, from my own microcosm, will have the most impact on the whole. Having followed this approach I have found that it usually consists of a lot less energy and time than shouting out values in hopes of validation. And again don’t get me wrong, I am aware the gravity a mass of people in protest has but what I’m looking for is a sustainable source for perpetuating one’s values. Buckminister Fuller said it best- “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”  To me that means to fight for change is to focus on the fight rather than the change itself… To BE the changes I want seen in the world is how I feel is the most effective way for me to have those values in my life, now!

So my direct affect approach in Marching Against Monsanto is to voice my concerns with my choice purchases of NON-GMO FOODS. In doing so I have found this very helpful guide provided by The Children of Vietnam Veterans Health Alliance to aid me on my next trip to the grocery store…

CLICK HERE: To Download Printable PDF Versions of NON-GMO Shopping Guides and Tips

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  1. Thank you!! definitely going to be using this. very useful in my own way to fight against Monsanto.

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