One of our key missions is to empower the individual with knowledge and insight to make wholesome changes in their own lives as well as the community.

We encourage this effort with the development of How To workshops, attending community fairs and festivals, as well as one to one consultations that offer a variety of simple solutions to living more natural but without compromising the character of the person’s everyday practices.

Workshops are held periodically and run from $30-$60 per course with some to all material included for each session. Check in periodically with our website or our Facebook page to view upcoming events and workshops produced by Gaia Eco Solutions.

Rates for one to one consultations are based on the “Pay What Feels Good” method. Meaning the client after being helped determines how valuable the assistance was given to them and thus gifts the fairest price based on their ¬†overall experience…¬†Gaia Eco Solutions is also of the mind set that “Value” is not always in the monetary sense and that abundance comes in many forms, i.e. bartering, crafting, trades, etc. The pay what feels good formula fosters the honor system in a society to which currency is only veiwed in value of money. Running a business not limited by a monetary system allows us to better help our friends, family, and clients to lead a life in Quality over Quantity.